Sunday, February 7, 2010




Today was wonderful being able to talk to everyone! i dont feel like writing though because i already wrote a crap load of stuff. We ate stuff and walked and rode a duece for 5 hours.

In the end, my fingers hurt a little from typing, my shoulders hurt a little from the sunburn from the river, and i am pretty sure that my butt will never be the same after that ride...


Tomorrow we are going to Corn Island (look it up on google earth) which will pretty much be a paradise! we are going to do jungle and ocean survival. We will have a bowl of rice every other day, and have class at the same time. It is going to be miserable, but AWESOME! haah
THen we are going to have the boat ride of death! wooo! 24 hours in a raft. I hope no on vomits. especially on me. Gross chunks floating in the water. I hope that their is at least a current to wash the stew away... (i wrote this section specifically for MOm, Katy, and Luciana) haah! i love you luciana, i havent written you a special section yet. I will have to soon!

There are 2 flights tomorrow to the island. We have to split up. One flight is coming from puerto, but the other is from managua on the other side of the state. The people going on the managua flight have to leave at 7 AM and the others leave at 10 AM. I knew about this since before we went to francia serpi the first time 4 weeks ago, and i thought "i hope i dont have to wake up that early and suffer through that!"

But now i realize, there is a subway there, and i chose to go on that flight, because a subway sandwich is worth anything right now! I am going to get three footlongs! wooo! it is almost midnight, i am waiting for either katy or my mom to go online. Cant wait for 5 AM!


I will try to write more when i am at the island. Apparently there is a really expensive internet cafe, but i will see how the situation is there. I will email people hopefully when i will be able to talk either tomorrow or the next day. Look at Phil's blog for pictures:

I love everyone! leave me commentss!!!


Sabbath! wooo!

so today instead of sitting through boring sweaty church and sabbath school, me, matt, and phil decided to take sabbath on the road and have sabbath at a nice refreshing river! it was the river Wawa from the town Esperansa where we were on monday. It was a really beautiful section with a strong current through some regions that you could float down the river on! it was about 10 miles away, and we decided to bike there. THe terrain is very hilly, so it took a lot of effort, but in the end (after about 45 minutes) it was soooo worth it. We had a little worship down by the water, and spent about 5 hours just soaking up the sun and chillin in the water. It was actually one of the only legitimately good days that i have had here. Unfortunately we were unable to pack a lunch, but Jeff was nice enough to give us a clif bar (an energy bar) to snack on. I think i literally drank over a gallon and a half that day, and i only peed like 2ce! (in the river, but shhhh dont tell anyone)

After that we headed back, and watched "REmember the Titans" at the movie theatre (or the sheet we put up on the wall). Saturday nights are officially movie nights, and it is pretty sweet. Tomorrow we are leaving for Puerto Cabeza at 6 oclock AM for the death ride back to puerto.
That one death march thing from history had no comparison to a duece (the vehicle that we ride in) ride.


midterms! woo! i got 102% on my public health midterm! lol Other than that we watched like 5 episodes of how i met your mother, and sweated about a gallon!


THursday, clinic day! woo! today was my first day working in the clinic. It was actually really fun. I had a great time talking to the patients.

By the way the people here are a lot like the people of micronesia mom and dad. The houses are formatted the same way, but built much better. They are elevated off the ground on cement filled 6 inch pipes, made of wood, and not much bigger than the houses in micronesia. The are roofed with what they call Zinc. The villagers seem to live in a very communistic society. There is a village orchard where they grow beans and rice. It is approximately 20 kilometers away they told us, and the women, men, and children (regardless of age) carry about 40 lbs of beans and or rice strapped on backpacks connected to their heads. THere doesn't seem to be a lot of emphasis on education or technology, at least from my perspective.

They have cows, chickens, horses, pigs and dogs running around, and occasionally they have a village feast with them (or so i have been told, i have not seen one yet. However the horses are not ridden or used as beasts of burden because "only the Spaniards use animals, the Moskito use only their own strength. The town has a MENSA clinic and a malaria nurse. The government is a people elected Judge that makes the decisions in the community meetings. It is interesting here. The people have no wish to change their life status, but they are very hard working and good people.

Anyways at the clinic it was really fun working in the pharmacy. We would get the perscriptions from the doctors/nurses/students and fill them and explain them to the villagers, including how to take them. A looooot of people here only speak Miskito, which makes it very interesting to try to communicate them. Matt said something funny (he wasnt with me this time, but following Jeff) he said he was thinking to himself when a patient spoke spanish he was like "whew!" and then he thought "woah! what am i thinking? i am happy when they speak spanish!" usually it would be if they spoke english, but speaking spanish meant there is a hope to be able to communicate with them.

The name of this town was ?>>>DF (that is a blank to be filled in later when i remember the name)

THe construction project is going well, we now have 6 bathrooms for 20 people! soon we will have enough smelly bathrooms for us all to have personal bathrooms! lol sometimes i wonder about the planning of the funds for this place. One would think they would finish building the main building before building so many unnecessary buildings would be necessary on a tight budget but o well!


Today we worked on the pastor's house again. Matt stayed up at the mission to help find a way to conserve more of the rain water coming off of the roofs. When southern comes with their group of 20 people, there is a great fear that we will run out of water. Therefore we are trying to maximize the amount of water that we can collect. We had a pretty good day,and it was nice to work as a group. Phil, Julie, Jason and I finished a wall, and finished all the framing for the outside wall. The pastor was supposed to move in last friday, but for some reason (no one really knows loL!) he never showed. But the house is slightly more put together for him now!

I am writing this from Puerto Cabezas sitting on the porch next to a palm tree at night listening to the crickets. It is so wonderful to not being sweating. It is hard to describe how amazing a feeling it is, but just to relax and not be terribly uncomfortable is so amazing!

To Katinha Meu AMOR!!

Sues palavras estao tao lindas tao perfeitas que faiz o meu corasao parar. Baby you are the one thing I need. Being away has made me realize how much a part of my life you really are, and how much more a part of my life i want you to be. You are the last thing i think of before i sleep, and the first thing i think of when i wake up. I never thought that i would need something so much as i need you. I am a third of my trip down, and two thirds left to go. I feel like it will be an eternity before i come back to you, yet at the same time i feel like you are with my in everything i do. I feel like every experience that i have here i am sharing with you. I hope you know how much i respect you. I hope you know how much i love you. I will love you forever. I know how much you love me, and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life trying to love you like you love me. I don't know how much God loves us, but i am so excited for us to learn to love each other close to the amount that He loves us.